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Hardcore Hardware Hacking weekend in London Answered

Just wanted to drop you guys a line about a workshop that i'm putting together on the 21-22nd of July in London for advanced Arduino users :)

Lead by Massimo Banzi (Founder of Tinker.it) and Matt Biddulph (CTO of web startup Dopplr.com), they will be helping advanced Arduino users put together self-directed projects over the course of 2 days. We'll be giving out the latest tinkering tools, thanks to tinker.it and we have the pleasure of having Moritz Waldemeyer come by on the Sunday to present his work in hardware hacking and micro-controllers.

I hope you'll come and join us, if you can't , we'll also be having drinks at a nearby pub on the Saturday evening.

You can go find all the details on the workshop site : http://tinkerit.eventwax.com/h3-hardcore-hardware-hacking

Join us!