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Has Anyone Here Installed Windows 7 Yet? Answered

Has Anyone Here installed Windows 7 On their PC Yet? I Have,and if you Have,Post a screenshot,and Tell Us what you think about it(No,I am not a microsoft employee :P). Here is My Screenshot And My Specs: 1.6GHz Intel Centrino Processor 768Mb of RAM(Note that this is within an EMUlator,Virtual Box,I gave 7 400 MB of RAM) Post your Specs Too! Also,It runs Pretty Well On my Laptop Through Virtual Box,It Runs OK On virtual Pc,But it gets Slow And VPC additions Cause it to Blue screen.


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: X my lips are sealed...the attached file might help

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Go Install Windows 7 :P Here's a tip,Use GParted/Parted Magic To Re size a Partition. Or windows Vista,It can Re size Partitions too.

i don't really have a pc to spare on a RC, unless of course there is a usb image...and no, i will not use a liveCD....(if microshit has such a thing)

Well,I did it On my Main PC,And My (Mostly)Only PC. Not to Mention that the Cd Drive is Bad,No windows XP Setup CD Is going in there ;) Not to Mention(Again) That Absouluteley All of the Drivers Worked on 7,Perfectly.

ugh, im trapped in a corner so i guess i'll make a partition and install it, then try it.....yeah me :(

You Mean Yay me!?
Well Be sure to tell me how it goes,OK?

yeah, i realized after i sumbited it, but hoped you wouldn't notice... k

Ok,Are you Downloading it now?

damn, you've cornerned me, i uhh. mean of course, im visiting microshi..i mean microsoft.com now....

Not To Mention Crapintosh,Microshit,Whew,Funny guy. :P

we are breaking instructables comment system, yay us

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