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Has anybody come up with a home-made alternative for a Drop-stop ( http://www.buydropstop.com )? ? Answered

It looks like a very good idea, but I don't feel like paying $20... plus I'm not in the US, so I can't even buy it. online?


A small, thin umbrella fits great between the seat and console.Slide it a couple inches lower than level with the seat (which still keeps things from dropping into the crack, out of reach. This is a great nook and perfect spot to keep that umbrella handy for an unexpected rainy day. I love the wind breaker idea to, as it's always great to have a jacket on hand when needed. Why waste precious auto space when a dual purpose item can be achieved.

The concept is pretty simple. All you need is something thick enough to fit in between the space between your seat and the center console. A rolled up windbreaker or something would be the easiest thing. If you're feeling adventurous, it's an easy sewing project. You could even save yourself one stich by recycling a shirt sleeve. But honestly, this reeks of as-seen-on-tv garbage. What's to stop small items from sliding in between the seat and the drop-stop? Coins would easily be pushed down there while you're trying to fish them out. What keeps items from just bouncing onto the floor in the back seat?

According to the website - http://www.buydropstop.com/ - it is constructed out of high-grade neoprene. In my experience, this is a very durable and stain-resistant material. It is filled with synthetic fibers, so the device is "squishy" and thus molds to just about any car seat gap, making it unlikely (if not impossible) for a coin or anything as such to drop passed the Drop Stop.

Yeah, I see how it's supposed to work, and I recently handled one at a yard sale. Honestly, it still appears to be a total waste of money. Yeah it squishes in, but there's still a little crevice where a coin WILL lodge. Feel around for it and you'll probably push it down. The bouncing problem I mentioned happens to be why it was at that yard sale. The owner dropped her cell phone and it bounced off and across the passenger seat, only to fall down between that seat and the passenger door. What's more, I don't see this dropping thing as a $20 problem. Thanks to a collection of hand injuries which damaged some of the nerves, I am extremely clumsy. Still, I only drop two or three things under my car seat a year. I've never dropped anything that couldn't wait until I arrived at my destination.

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