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Has anybody used this robot kit? Answered

 The Boe-Bot kit from Parallax seems pretty great, but I was just wondering how versatile the programming is... I was wondering if it is easy to use and easy to "mad lib" your own code, meaning you can do things that aren't in the instructions very easily. And lastly and most importantly, if it is worth the money...
Thanks in advance!!


This was one of my first robot kits that I ever bought after years of making my own from scratch (without microcontrollers). 

If you're just getting into robotics and electronics, I highly recommend it.  The book that comes with the kit slowly builds on complexity with each chapter and teaches you about electronics and programming the Basic Stamp along the way.  Everything from the kit is re-usable after you master what it has to offer and want to create something bigger & better. 

It's very flexible in terms of what you can code it to do.  It's just a basic stamp 2E chip and you'll see there is a huge following out there (in addition to Arduino and others of course) so it's very easy to find help or sample code.  I added tank treads to mine at one point and a lot of extra sensors that didn't come with the original kit.  Just search for "Boe-Bot hacks" on Google and you'll see some of the other things that people have come up with by starting with this kit.

Is it worth the money? Yes, again if you're looking for something to get your going fast with everything included in a single kit.  The lesson manual alone makes up for the added cost if you're trying to learn.

Just discovered that you can go to the following link and actually download the manual before buying and see what they walk you through!

It's called "Robotics with the Boe-Bot (v2.2)"

 awesome!!! thank you so much for the answer! I'll more than likely get it sometime in the future (now getting the money for it will be the real trick :-P)

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 ya, i saw that, but it doesn't really answer my questions...