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Has anyone added pigment (black) to hot melt glue to "hide' it in assembly of components??? Answered

need hot melt glue in colours.


Perhaps you could use powdered charcoal as the pigment. In the past I have made black epoxy, by mixing the usual clear two-component epoxy with powdered charcoal.


8 years ago

didn't you already ask this yesterday?

I did ask this question in another way... didn't see it on the questions list so I asked it again. I am a new member. My apologies!

Another solution would be to consider something other than hot glue. House caulking is available in white, black, clear, and red... and quite possibly other colors. And some versions are paintable. Not the same thing by a long shot, but might do what you need.

Use double-sided tape. L

This is pretty much your only choice, to buy pigmented hot glue.

I know hot melt comes in various colours, but I'm not even sure where to start with what to pigment it with. Worth a try if you have one of those hot-melt-glue-dip heaters and some thoughts on a material.