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Has anyone built a playground slide. I'm thinking big...like a 15' to 20' long. Answered



7 years ago

Some pre-made playground slides are modular, so you could strap more than one together...

Best option IMHO would be to build on a hill side and line with polythene sheeting. Dig a suitable groove in the hill, line, to make it super fast lubricate with water.

Biggest question is going to be the slide surface. That's either a lot of metal or a lot of fiberglass.

There's also the safety question. You want to think about what the rider's terminal velocity will be, and how they'll come to a stop.

I remember a tall slide in Central Park in NY, back when I was a kid. Probably on the order of 15', metal-surfaced over a concrete pyramid.

The longest slides I've seen have been at waterparks, of course. Those are fiberglass, typically supported by metal or wood frameworks.

(Alpine slides are longer -- but those use carts rather than just being the slide and the human.)