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Has anyone converted a waterbed to adjustable airbed? Answered

I have a California King, dual mattress waterbed that I would like to convert to an adjustable airbed, similar to the Select Comfort " Sleep Number" bed. (they cost over $1500).  My wife has a real bad disc in her back, and I have to keep increasing the water level  firmness.  We use a memoryfoam top, with a very firm density of 5.5 lbs per sf, if I recall correctly.  She cannot sleep on a regular mattress (we have one).  Surgery is out (no insurance, unemployed, own too much land, etc, to qualify for aid).  Has anyone tried this?


All you really need to do is pump it with air, But for the sake of your wife's back you should maybe invest in the right mattress for her. Consider sleeping on the floor as another option. I'll take a guess that you're US and you don't get basic health care unless you can pay for it?


Correct about the health care.  She tried the regular bed with a very firm mattress, no joy.  Only relief is prescribed pain meds, Oxy - timed release, very expensive, and she hates it.  Waterbed is good, we just wonder if adjustable air is better, but we have a low (no budget), lol.  At times she needs the bed to be a little softer, if that makes sence.  I see where pumps can be purchased, but it is an investment, and I hate to waste money. If others had success with the adjustable part, I would be willing to take a gamble

If you don't need to put much air in/out once inflated a hand pump may be all you need.