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Has anyone created a battery pack that also has a power cord socket built into it? Answered

What I want to try and do is to mate a standard 3 prong power cord socket into a battery pack that can be used on a impact drill, circ saw, etc. Has anyone tried this before? Is there some sort of special switching circuitry that would be needed other than a step down transformer and a bridge rectifier? Also, how small of a transformer could I use for this setup?

The battery side of the setup would be used as a backup to the primary source (the power cord.)



7 years ago

In other words, you want to replace the tool's battery pack to make it a plug-in tool, right?

It could certainly be done. Size of the transformer, and amount of regulation, needed depend on the needs of that partcular tool or set of tools; look at the spec for the battery packs and make sure you can deliver that or close to it without cooking your power supply.

I suspect that you'd wind up with something bulky enough to need an external power supply box, with a low-voltage cord to the adapter in the tool. But that's just a guess.


Answer 7 years ago

No I want the battery pack to be used similar to a computer's UPS backup power. When I'm out in the field working, every now and then main power will drop out for whatever reason. Usually when I'm at a critical phase in my work. I need to have a way to continue to work even when the main cord power drops out.