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Has anyone created a rotating light blocker tube for a fixture before? Answered

I'm trying to create a slow rotating tube within a tube light blocker for a black light fixture I have. The fixture measures 2inches by 2feet and is a fluorescent tube style. I want to be able to have the outer tube rotate around the light, have a slot cut into it so the light can come out but when it's past the light, the hole is blocked by an inner tube so no light escapes. I figure the RPM would be about 2-4. This is for Halloween. The inner tube would be fixed into position and the light fixture be attached to it.

Does any of this make sense? If it does and you know of another project like this, please send me a link.


I think you're going to have to rotate your outer tube around the whole fixture. Outside of that, and the fact that you'll probably have to support (and wire) the fixture and fixed tube from one end and the moving tube from the other, it sounds doable.

Another solution, of course, would be to just turn the fixture on and off, unless you are specifically looking for the sweep.


6 years ago

Actually it would be easy to make a tube that rotated around a tube light, you should be able to find a PVC pipe that would fit around the tube cut it SHORTER then the actual light then cut any size slot you want in the PVC BUT LEAVE PART OF THE PVC WHOLE....this is the area you can drive it on....
Use ANYTHING with wheels like match box cars or hot wheels to support the tube from beneith the light. This is a cheap bearing...then you can use a battery operated car wheels touching the pvc or a clock motor just about anything that turns....you can just rest the PVC on the drive or rig up a rubber band to and drive it that way...If you are like most of us you probably have a LEGO or ERECTOR or CONNECTS motot somewhere in the house to drive it. Should cost you about 5 bucks and 3 hours. have fun....PS you could make that slot different sizes or shapes for weird effects

Yeah, I'm designing it specifically for the sweep. Basically, what I'm doing is slowly lighting a GITD display then slowly fading the light away. I only have access to fluorescent bulbs and they don't do fade circuits.