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Has anyone done a Tofu instructable yet? Answered

Has anyone done an instructable on how to make tofu? I found a bunch on recipes using tofu but nothing on making it from scratch.

I make tofu from dried soy beans at least twice a week. The only other ingredient is epsom salt and water. Half way through you can stop and you've got yourself soy milk. It would take me some time to put one together as I would want to make sure it was perfect with nice photos.

Unless of course this has been done. Is there anyway to check for sure?



tofu, is that like Kung fu only with the toes only ? J/K

I personally prefer fermanted soy products especially tempeh, but not everyone likes miso, natto, and especially tempeh. .

lol There's more truth to that than you know. The kung reefers to "achievement" and the fu mean "man, person, or body" and to toe is a body.

Outstanding! Thanks for putting it together so well.

Thanks guys. I will definitely do this. Most of the instructions I've seen on other sites make it seem a little overwhelming.

I don't see anything either, but as Kelsey said, always make an instructable, you'll bring something to new to the table. I never knew people make tofu from scratch at home, so I'm looking forward to seeing the process.

First, you should always create an I'ble! Even if someone else has done it, you may have a different approach, or be a better writer, or have a camera which can actually focus :-)

It sounds like you did the same I'bles search the rest of us would do. I tried to narrow it down by requiring "tofu" to be in the title, not just anywhere in the text. My search was "inurl:tofu inurl:id" (the second one limits you to Instructables, not forum posting or Questions). Nothing came up about making tofu from scratch.