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Has anyone else been contacted by a Kev Callus? Answered

has anyone else been contacted by a Kev Callus of One Chocolate Comms?

I received an email from him the other day but it was direct to my email that isnt linked to Instructables 

Below is the conversation so far

Hope you’re well. I was wondering if this is the best email address to contact Barry from Instructables.

I’m working on a project which may be of interest.

Speak soon,


Yes it is.

How can i be of help?



Hi Barry,
Thanks for getting back to me. I was wondering if you’re still active on Instructables?

I’m working with a retailer where we’re looking to link up with an Instructable to provide them with kit to create their next maker project.

Would this be of interest at all?


It seems a bit suspect to me (but i could just be being paranoid) the site looks legit enough and google brings up nothing untoward about them.



after a bit of back and fourth it did all seem legit. It was for a 3rd party website wanting to provide a kit for a maker but unfortunately there was nothing i could actually use as it was all electrical and I am pretty low tech

If it makes you feel any better, I went on Google Earth and typed in their address. Just to see if they have an actual physical location. Here is what I found (see pic below). Sure enough, it says "One Chocolate" on the sign.

one choc comms.JPG

I guess it depends how you present the "spam" - a number of power-users*, even staff, have slipped spam into their instructables without complaint, because they don't shove it in your face.

*Including me.

You're absolutely right - it's all about presentation and context. If authors share legitimate instructional content, and include a link to their etsy store (etc.) or a few pertinent amazon affiliate links, that's not generally bothersome (or really even "spam.")

You're not the only one, there are quite a few - it seems they're investing quite heavily in exposing their products to makers.

so its seems legit? just seems an odd way of contacting makers rather than just messaging them direct on here

I think you can't lose - just tell them "loot upfront, or no deal", and you won't have to pay out.

PS, I found their address on a different site "Agency Adviser":

onechocolate communications

10 Frith Street