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Has anyone ever ordered from ElectricSumo.com? Answered

Hey folks,

Five days ago I placed an order with electricsumo.com, for a kit to build a headphone amplifier.  It was the only website that had the type of kit that I was in the market for, so I placed an order.  This was on August 3rd, and now it is August 8th.  My order status is still pending, and their phone number on their website goes straight to some dude's voice mail.  I sent them an email, but no response yet.  I just want an update on my order, but have not received one yet.

I was wondering if anyone here has ever bought from them.  They sell fairly interesting kits and products for audiophiles.  The checkout was secured, so I don't think that I have to worry too much about them stealing my information.  My card was charged, and nothing fishy has gone on.  I am just a little miffed about the lack of updates from this company.



Just an update on this company. I finally received the order today. It came from Thailand, and was definitely not delivered within the website's 10-day delivery guarantee.

But so far it looks like it will be a nice kit to build. The instructions just include a picture of where to put a few components and a schematic. They are fairly lacking if you have never had any experience with this website.

If you are interested in a product from their website, I recommend giving yourself at least three weeks for it to arrive. I ordered mine on July 25th, and it arrived on August 23rd. Almost a full month. So definitely not a fast shipper. But I am going to go and build the kit now and see how well nice the headphone amplifier works!

You could contact them via their youtube channel?