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Has anyone ever recycled the tea light candle containers into craft projects? Answered

I have 1000 of these small tea light candle containers, and was wondering if anyone ever recycled them into any craft projects (except new candle holders)???


This is kinda late but I currently use them to mix my paints other than that I use them as a simple seed starter...

Are you talking about the little metal rings the candles come in or the candle holders pictured?  I'm confused, but I'll give you an idea for either - I use the little metal cups by putting a hole in the back and stringing a christmas light into them, then hanging them outside - the reflective qualities are really cool.

With the holders?  I don't know, maybe you could use them as small servers for nuts or mints?   Favors for a party?  Egg cups at easter?  The little metal cup parts work good for drying eggs at Easter, too.

If you turn it all to wax And put it into cold water it rises and hardens and it looks Really cool!

pull the bottoms out and they make shades for small LED lamps

They would make great...candle....molds... I had to.