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Has anyone found a way to download/view Hulu "type" videos offline? Answered

I'm trying to see if anyone has figured out how download flash/web based videos. I'd like to download them so I can view them offline (while working out etc.).  I'm figuring folks have figured out a way to do this legally for personal use only?



Is there anyone go to that site? The way I am using to grab videos is to capture Hulu video from computer desktop. Do you know that method? you just assign a record district and then click recording.Since the DRM protection, it is very difficult to get Hulu videos by downloading now.

 Hulu's doesn't have flash videos so they cannot be downloadable, they are not in temporary files, don't even work with firefox extension. You need a hulu downloader, special designed just for encrypted files, as hulu's are. Those files can be only captured with a screencapturing software. I capture hulu's movies with Tunebite, it records streaming video perfectly, with good quality and I'm able to even convert the videos to 3gp so I can transfer it to my phone. 
If you need a help for recording hulu, see a helpful tutorial here


8 years ago

I can tell you how to do it with Ubuntu and I presume the same technique would work in Windows but I can't guarantee it.
In Ubuntu open.
Then locate the flash video. It will be labeled either flash or .flv
Copy the video and paste it into an external HDD. You can then convert it to a different format or run it as a flash video in Movie Player.
If you can locate your temp folder, (probably the temporary Internet folder) I don't see why you couldn't do the same thing in Windows.


Answer 8 years ago

I forgot to mention that you may have to increase your cache size if you are downloading large files and you should save the temp file before downloading a second file.