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Has anyone got thoughts using a UPS on a refrigerator? Answered

A friend has a six year old Viking Professional refrigerator that must be manually key-board restarted after a momentary power interruption.
My solution for this bad design is to put a UPS on the refrigerator.
After all the refrigerator load is very small and much like a computer load.
I plan to size the UPS to the instructions of the fridge circuit beaker .
Anyone with experience ?


A refrigerator's load is small when the compressor isn't running. But if you use a strong enough UPS it will be fine.

What worries me,
Is if Viking puts out a sub-standard uP design
They might also lie about the compressor starting current surge.
I do not want to travel across state lines to measure this unit :-/

UPS aren't designed to handle motor loads A. You know as well as I do that the start surge is at least 10X running current


You could open the unit up and splice the UPS into the control circuits so the compressor isn't powered through the UPS. No idea how much work would be involved there.

The only down side to a UPS on the control circuit only is it may not register a restart on the compressor. With the high side of the compressor pressurized the motor may have too much of a load to start and it can burn out the motor instead of waiting for the pressure to equalize.

I hope the Swiss Viking engineering staff had the wherewithal to protect against that event...
Though access to the keys and vacuum fluorescent display and overlaid keyboard
is inside when the fridge door is opened.

A cool  Viking trick to prolong the life of a VF display short life time.
Only turn it on when fridge door is open.

The big refrigerators I've seen have a dump-valve that opens when the compressor goes off, to stop that happening.

My dad loved blackouts he was a reefer and when there was a blackout for like 30 seconds he knew he was fixing refrigerators the next day. The old ones kept trying to start until the motor was toast.
You know that might be iceng's quark the refrigerator is made to do that.

In addition to the compressor there is a heater there for anti-freeze. Frankly speaking it should be the one you care for.. it is like 2K watts in refgs like mine (Toshiba 16 ft3). If your power interruption is short then I feel you can live without it during that short power interruption (1 or 2 hours).


4 years ago

I take it back !

Sweden is the country that makes the troubled Viking professional refrigerator in question.

My great apologies to the Swiss.


4 years ago

The simple refrigerator Swiss manual indicates a serial port for a computer wiring scheme.

The viking company has refused to send a service person, their solution is to send a newer
$4000.oo replacement instead !!!!!!!!!!

My ideal solution would be a UPS that sent a RS232 signal to hold off the running
the compressor during a power out...

PS There is no mention in the manual about a battery.

Ok I finally figured out what you meant by UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply). At 8 years old the battery on the circuit board is probably toast and the memory wipes every time the power goes out I have seen this kill a person on a CNC lath.

The battery is only good for 5 years and a UPS is only needed for the circuit board memory.

Now on that unit it may not look like a battery it should look like a capacitor in a shrink tub depending on the model it will look like a disk capacitor in a shrink tube or a foil wrap capacitor in a shrink tube.

The battery can look like these.