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Has anyone hacked one of those talking Happy Meal Toys? Answered

Having a small child, I am left with a bunch of happy meal toys that have pre-recorded messages in them. I was wondering how difficult it would be to "Recycle/Retask" them by hacking them and recording my own message on them. I am thinking that this little Shrek toy would be much more fun in a cube at work if it had a more adult message on it, and perhaps it was triggered with a simple photocell motion sensor... Is anyone familiar with how these thing are programmed? or if there is a way to re-record the message?


 Has anyone figured out a way to do this yet?  I would love to learn how to record a different message over the chip, or whatever has the sound saved to it.

Let me know if you hear anything... I would love to figure out something to do with the variety of soundboards I've collected.