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Has anyone had a tv set damaged by the signal from the cablevision co? Answered

The picture would be normal, then collapse into a straight line from left to right. Color and movement could still be seen in the line but not usable for viewing.  It's like the horiz/vert (?) hold would fail. The picture would snap back to normal after a few seconds and be ok.  Then it would repeat. Finally it went to a straight line and stayed there.  The picture is not now viewable. 
    I substituted another tv set in place of the first and it did the same exact thing.  I could understand perhaps one set going bad as they will do, but two set in a row?  Has this happened to anyone else on a cable tv line hookup?


I worked for a cable tv company for 14 years as a bench-technician.  Coincidences DO happen with customers tv's.  The fault you describe is called "vertical collapse."  and is a COMMON fault on older CRT (picturetube) tv's.   It is often caused by an intermittent solder connection on the VERTICAL DEFLECTION   driver transistor.  These are OFTEN poorly soldered at the factory due to the wave-soldering machine does not heat up the terminals sufficiently to flow the solder properly at that point.  I only know of ONE tv that was damaged by the cable companies equipment during the 14 years I worked there.  It was a cable-box that would turn OFF and ON quickly and repeatedly by itself.... which is not good for the customers tv. 

If you have a SOLDER IRON... and you want to try to fix the tv's.... you might get one fixed by simply re-soldering the 3 terminal wires UNDERNEATH the vertical output transistor... or other device in that general vicinity.  Be sure to UNPLUG the tv before fooling around with it. 

Thank you framistan and all the other responders to my question.  The initial tv set in question is a Sylvanis 27"  crt set manufactured in Feb of 2004.  It was given to us by our children as a christmas gift that year. My wife and I are on soc sec and appreciated the gift.   It had given us excellent service since then.  A person could say " well, isn't it time for something to break ?"  The answer "possibly". The second set was an older tv/monitor that had seen service as a tv, game monitor, security cam monitor, for years without complaint. 
     After the initial problem occourred, we traded in the cable box ( which was 8 years old ) for a new one to see if that was the problem.  Some of the channels we had contracted for were not programmed into the new box.  The co. had to reprogram the box while I talked to her on the phone.

  The cable tech was out today and checked the signal from the cable co.  He saw nothing wrong with it at that time. 

     I don't want to get into a conspiracy theory about  the cable co. here, but before I buy a new set and put it on the cable line, I will get a used set to see if the problem still happens. 

     I guess what I am asking is if the cable co. can reprogram a cable box while I am standing there watching it, what else can they do to manipulate the signal to fit there own, or someone elses  purposes?  

     Again, thanks much for the combacks from all the members of this site.

Hi everyone. I'm glad i saw this thread. I'm also having these exact same problems with 2 previous tv's (the crt model) and a third (also crt) that is dying a slow death but i dont know if it's the cable box causing the damage. We used to have Directv for a couple of years with no problems and then got married and me and my wife moved into an apartment complex that didn't allow Directv. The only option we had was Time Warner cable so we had to switch service. We had a 1 year lease and within that one year the first tv did the same thing that LeShane described. So my brother gave me another tv and after a few months that tv also did the same thing. That's when i began to suspect that it might be the cable box itself or the electrical outlet even though i have surge protectors. So my in-laws let us borrow another tv (the third now) and the good thing is we moved out of that apt complex and to a new place but we decided to keep TWC. We've been in this new place for about 8 months and the tv that we borrowed suddenly lost brightness and became very dim with very light blueish lines going across. The picture is starting to get even more dim and then it starts to get a little brighter. Maybe it is the tv's since they have all been crt's, but it has been the same cable box that the tv's have been hooked up to. We also have another crt tv hooked up to a different cable box in our room that has worked fine and has had no problems since we moved into this place. I'm definately going to call and ask for a new receiver before i go and buy one of those new LED tv's. We've been wanting one of those for a long time so maybe this all happened for the better.

To Onetime79 After the experience with the two crt tv's, we took a chance and bought a TCL (brand name) lcd tv fron Menards. It is a 40 in screen and it was on sale for 300 bucks. I had never heard of this brand but the demo picture was good. We haven't had any trouble with it except for a little snapping sound in the audio sometimes which I suspect is noise on the cable line or the fact that it is an offbrand tv. Anyway our fingers are crossed hoping for the best. Hope your situation works out fine. Best of luck. LeShane

I've seen this happen with CRT (cathode ray tube) based TVs. In the case of a CRT television, it means the circuit that generates the vertical deflection signal is failing.  Also the last time I saw it happen it was in a house that didn't have cable TV, so I don't think it's malice (or foolishness) on the part of the cable company.

The intermittent nature of the problem might mean a loose connection, like a component has sort of flexed itself free of a solder joint, possibly from alternate heating and cooling, from a lifetime of being turned on and off and on again.

BTW, if you're seeing this symptom on a flat LCD-TV, then please disregard everything I've written here because in that case I don't know what's going on.

NEWS FLASH  Altho the picture is not right, there was still a picture.  With the set hooked up and running on cable, we were sitting there talking  when the set just turned itself off. No smoke, flames or warning, it just  lost picture, audio, everything like it just went dead.  Operating the On/Off sw did nothing. The thing has expired.  Could the cable signal do that?
     I have delivered the two tv's to our junk pile out back.

I don't know what happened to your TVs.  Please accept my condolences on your loss of hardware.

I'm inclined to agree with the others on the CRT failure, but you're right, it is very suspicious that a second TV has the same issue. How long did it take for the second TV to develop the problem?

Not long at all.  The pic on the second set would intermittantly collapse and rebuild starting almost right after I hooked it op.

Well, I'm no cable technician, but I still think it's very unlikely that the cable signal is wrecking your TV sets. The fact that it happened on two sets is perplexing, but as framistan says, coincidences do happen. Personally, I don't believe in coincidence unless all other possible factors have been eliminated. I'm kind of wondering if maybe the AC outlet that the TV plugs into might have some sort of power-fluctuation issue that could be causing the problem. Either that, or it may really be just a bizarre coincidence.

This doesn't sound like a signal problem at all, it sounds like a CRT failure. The second one is a bit odd - have you reported either the second TV or the cable as faulty?


What did they say about it?


Sanity check: What happens when you hook either set up to another signal source?

Orksecurity, by the time I hooked the tv up to a vcr to check for operation, the tv was already shot.  There was a picture from the vcr tape but the vertical signal was bad.  There was no collapsing of the picture tho.