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Has anyone had the new Krylon Fusion paint totally crap out on them? Answered

I messaged Krylon (Sherwin Williams) about it, and they said it wasn't normal, maybe a bad nozzle and they replaced the can, but the next can did the same doggone thing! Very frustrating!


Oryctolagus habilis

9 years ago

Know what? I've had the same problem recently with Tremclad rust paint: no matter what you do (including spraying it upside-down until it goes clear between uses) it clogs! Maybe they've changed the formulas for environmental reasons recently. Try the "professional" versions of various brands: they work like usual, but stink like permanent markers. They probably contain all kinds of horrible things like xylene & tolulene, but are a lot less frustrating.

penumbra_Oryctolagus habilis

Answer 9 years ago

Yeah.Definitely a giant pain. I have had some luck lately by trying different cans in the store. I shake several and pick the one in which the ball seems to rattle most freely. There's quite a variety of settling on the cans. I agree, the solvents that keep it free flowing are probably being reduced which leads to dreadfully thick and sluggish paint.