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Has anyone here worn Vibram Five Fingers? Answered

If so, what do you think of them?



Best Answer 9 years ago

I own a pair for when I go kayaking and canoeing. They are the most awesome and innovative water footwear I have ever owned. Due to the toes being split up, you have more flexibility; which from personal experience has made my trips easier. Last year I went white water rafting down a river in Idaho, and our guide wore them as well. He also spoke very, very highly of them. I recommend them.

it looks close to running barefoot. i run barefoot and it doesn't hurt at all


8 years ago

 I've been running in them for a month now.
I'm never going back to running shoes !
Go read Born to Run for a great back-story on "bearfoot running"

Just Do It...Bearfoot!

I haven't tried these specifically, but did research them a lot. If you have arch problems I would probably recommend against them. I have tried other minimalist shoes and it's 9 months since I last stopped wearing them and my arches are still in pain from having worn them too long. The closest I ever got to not feeling any pain anymore was a Christmas vacation where I spent most of the time on a couch playing video games, but after that was over I wore casual shoes with little arch support and my feet started to hurt again. Nowadays the pain is less than directly after wearing the other shoes, but my arch area (I have flat feet) still get fatigued much faster than they used to, even with arch supporting insoles and basketball sneakers. So if you have regular shaped feet as opposed to flat feet like mine, you'd probably see some benefit from these, but if you have a bad case of flat feet like mine I'd stay away. It seems in the wired article one of the guys had plantar fascitis clear up, but that's a different problem compared to what I have which I believe are called fallen arches (not diagnosed)


9 years ago

I have never seen these before how unusual

I have a pair of the KSOs for walking around, hiking, and sometimes running. I love them. They have made my feet stronger and make moving around much more fun. It's gotten to the point where I'm now bored when I'm walking around in regular shoes. I see cool terrain and think how much better it would be if I was wearing my KSOs. If you do wear them out and about, be ready for lots of people staring at your feet and answering questions about them.