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Has anyone made a gadget or machine to seal drinking straws in bulk. Answered

hi. my names ziyaad and i am from south africa.i recently started making a pixie stick, honey stix type candy in south africa.but i am having one problem which is sealing the straws in bulk.have no time to seal few at a time.need to seal like 2000 an hour.any ideas or help in this would be highly appreciated?


I'd make a machine with two hot rollers, that are adjusted so they are hot enough the plastic melts, while the pressure from the rollers pinches them closed.

could they be stuffed with wax by such a machine? To avoid scorching and of the sweets.

I recall pixie sticks straws made from a waxed paper. The ends were just folded over and tucked in and you could rip it off with your teeth. Dunno, are they made of plastic now?

Not sure...haven't seen one in a few decades...they were just powdered sweet-tarts anyways. :-)

thanx for the comments guys.sorry if im out of place or dont no how to reply to your comments.this is the first time im using a forum.any way the idea of the heat rollers sound good but how would this thing be made?and i dont no if wax can be used or will work. yes it is a commercial enterprise. will post pictures of how i am currently doing it.really need to cut out on the manual labour.

Search reveals all the industrial suppliers of "straw sealing machines". The volume seems like a commerical enterprise.