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How do I make a pattern for a pair of shoes? Answered

I am experimenting with a pattern for a boot, but I feel like I'm flying blind. If someone has done this please post an Instructable!



Best Answer 9 years ago

It really depends on how involved you want to get. The very best way to get a good pattern for a boot is to take one apart. Oddly enough, shoe patterns are pretty standardized, it is what you do with them, decoratively, and then on a shaped last that makes each one different.

check out http://www.marywalesloomis.com/

I bought this book years ago and there was a phone number, so I called when I got stuck. She was fabulous and helpful. This is for shoes, which might be a good place to start and then work up to the boots. You will have to cannibalize a well fitting pair of shoes!


9 years ago

If you know what you want then that is all that you need