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How do I make a pattern for a pair of shoes? Answered

I am experimenting with a pattern for a boot, but I feel like I'm flying blind. If someone has done this please post an Instructable!



Best Answer 10 years ago

It really depends on how involved you want to get. The very best way to get a good pattern for a boot is to take one apart. Oddly enough, shoe patterns are pretty standardized, it is what you do with them, decoratively, and then on a shaped last that makes each one different.

check out http://www.marywalesloomis.com/

I bought this book years ago and there was a phone number, so I called when I got stuck. She was fabulous and helpful. This is for shoes, which might be a good place to start and then work up to the boots. You will have to cannibalize a well fitting pair of shoes!


10 years ago

If you know what you want then that is all that you need