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Has anyone made a rabbit-run inside their house? Answered

I have a rabbit in a large cage in the garage. I would like to give it more room for exercise, but don't want to have it loose chewing everything up. I'm thinking of making a rabbit run to other parts of the garage or house. Like a long and very skinny cage with a larger cage at either end, or hubs with trails in-between.



we did, in out basement, it was chicken-wire with cedar shavings on a concrete floor and the walls were just spackled, painted drywall, they held up fine except the one area with a hole we had to put wood over, the rabbits love it, but you may not because they often kick cedar shavings everywhere because the walls are only chicken wire. we also have another one outside that is the same thing, it would be nicer to the rabbits if you made the run outside and fed them weeds, then took them inside and put them in cages or an inside run for the winter. but, if you make it outside, make sure the rabbits cannot fit through the fence holes, the gate door shuts tight, and the fence is bent over in the shape like an upside-down L. the upside down L fence is so the rabbits cannot climb the fence and escape, that has happened to us several times, and even the fattest, oldest, giant lop rabbit can scale an 8 foot fence if chased by a mean enough dog.


9 years ago

if you can just pick a room and make it bunny -safe. like no dangleing wires and things they can eat. the bunnies try everything! like cloth...wires....fingers lol. but this is what i do unless you need a indoor rabbit run im not shure because i dont have a rabbit run inside.

We use the 12" square wire shelves that are sold for making cube shelves in a kid's room (look at this ad http://www.target.com/Wire-Cube-Shelving-System/dp/B000789RSQ) but we use zip ties to link them together, and we attach them 2 panels high. If you keep a slight bend in the joint areas it stands up perfectly by itself. I've been doing that for years with our indoor rabbits. I also buy clear tubing to protect cords (just in case) and give bunny sticks from bushes outside to chew on.

I like the wire units because if you don't zip tie them too tight, you can fold the whole thing up AND sometimes you can find the wire things really cheap at second hand stores because they are *not* good for making shelves!

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