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Has anyone made a regular-to-footpedal sink conversion? Answered

I have had this thought for some time but don't know plumbing or mechanical movement conversion well enough to effectively pull it off. What I've done so far is install a utility sink that hooks up to a veggiebed-mounted soakhose. I think it would be great for me to build it this way (more from scratch for problem-solving) and all at my limited level, but ideally, I think this will be one next logical step in water conservation if it can be integrated into a kitchen/bathroom sink (and shower). Coupled with an adapter to funnel graywater to storage or irrigation, it becomes one better. I agree flow-restricters are a good idea as well, but I feel this additionally adds to consumer value control and potential reuse. Any ideas on this one would be valuable! Thanks!


You could use a toilet tank as a reservoir with it's float stop and flapper valve assembly. I have to leave the details to you. But maybe later I can do an Instructable on it. It's a good water-saving idea. I lived on a boat for some time with my parents and I hated everything about it except the foot pump. I loved that!

How about this Instructable?
Save Water! Kitchen Faucet with Foot Pedal

The author (pjamestx) uses rechargeable batteries to power a solenoid valve. If your sink is outdoors, I bet you could use a solar panel.

Hope this helps. (I found your question in the "Related Questions" box on that Instructable.)