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Has anyone made an led throwie canon/gun/launcher? Answered



7 years ago

You can use a airgun (tank->valve->barrel) made out of PVC, stuff the barrel with a wad of paper towels, put in your throwie, and stuff in more paper towels, so you can shoot it out...

I'm also trying to do a parchute throwie... although then I don't think you can call it a throwie...

No one has yet but it may be an idea to use a magnet to throw the throwie magnet across maybe inserting an electromagnet into a piece of wood and attaching a pvc pipe just over the width of your throwie to it to act as a barrel so as to have a mini magnetic throwie cannon.


you can use a catapulte

Make a patato canon and put a potato in and fill it up with LED Throwies and fire at will.

Try stuffing it in a bb or paintball gun, that might work...

I just use the competition grade slingshot that I have


9 years ago

You mean like an arm? ;) A sling shot would work great, I think.

i did once it involved taking a potato gun and putting a dixy cup in the barrel and filling the cup with throwies. i was hoping it would really spread out like a shot gun but the magnets made most of them clump together it looked really cool but the high velocity impact broke most of the throwies. ps the cop i dident see when i shot it wasn't to thrilled to see a mass of light fly through the air and shatter on a street sign