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Has anyone made there own smelting furnace and how did you do it? Answered

I just need one to start my own mini casting house (my garage to be exact). I want to run it on gas and be hot enought to melt copper, brass , and aluminium. but only on a small scale to make castings for projects i have in mind. I know how the concept works but does anyone know any good tips eg what materials, how hot do it need to go, safety, and anyone how has expience in castings, making them or both.



7 years ago


This might not work for you since you asked about lower melting temperature metals but there is a new process for refining iron ore at 800 degrees C. 

George Washington University Professor Stuart Licht developed the process. The trick as I understand it is they take iron oxide/ore and dissolve it in lithium carbonate and do electrolysis by running about 0.9volts through it.

The caveats seem to be:-
That it makes pure iron whereas we usually need steel but maybe that's an easy fix,maybe. 
And it makes turds of iron whereas what you want is metal cast in a particular shape.

Though maybe the electrolysis could be done in a mold. Ie. a conductive mold could serve as one of the electrodes where the iron collects: refining and casting in one step could mean potential energy savings, yo.

You can use a silicon carbide crucible and smelt iron in a uwave oven.

Are you serious?  Wow...smelting in a microwave...how very cool.  hmm...hot...

have you actually done it or referring to an article. if article can you point to it (if you have that info on hand). I'd be interested in reading more. the concept is fascinating.

(of course you're serious...i realize that...I was just expressing my surprise...)

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what lemonie says... There are a whole lot of DY smelters offered here at instructables, from the simple to nearly professional setups.