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Has anyone painted a linoleum floor? Answered

Has anyone painted a linoleum floor?
If so how did you do it?
How well did it hold up to wear and tear?
Do you have any recommendations or regrets?


I would simply remove the linoleum or install a new one on top of the old one. Painting the existing flooring will not be the best idea.

Go shopping for "floor paint", see what the store-staff know about it.



7 years ago

Is it really linoleum? Or is it vinyl? As s.d. says, real lino can be helped. Vinyl can't. I highly doubt that any type of paint will stick to either. If you want to get rid of it, try this. It may work, depending on what you've got. More details, please.

Walking on paint doesn't work, it collects dirt and you will have footprints everywhere. I have to repaint the walking area of the greenscreen pretty reguraly where it gets walked on.

.  They make coatings (?epoxy paint?) for warehouse/garages/&c floors that hold up very well to foot traffic (and even forklift traffic). Not sure if you can find/mix it in the proper shade of green, but it might be worth investigating.
.  The same stuff might even work on linoleum.

Gasp! Why do you want to paint a linoleum floor? You know they can be reconditioned, yes? Linoleum was used in hospitals for years because of it's naturally antiseptic properties.