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Has anyone read the Rangers Apprentice books? Answered

 I was wondering if someone could submit an instructable about the Rangers in Rangers Apprentice. It is a brilliant series but i cant seem to find anything on them. Something like a costume or a "how to be a Ranger" thing. 

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OK, nobody else is answering so I will take a shot. Yes I read them, got them from my son. We both loved them. The costume is simply old style hunter clothing. Thats what a ranger was in real life, the game warden. Research medival styles and adapt. The modern snipers gillie suit is just an adaptation of ranger clothes and principles. For technique read and study military sniping and hunters stalking,
As for the weapons, The english long bow is pretty but cumbersome. It is was too long. Get a wooden recurve bow of the minimum length and power for you. Buy or make a LOT of mediocre arrows and shoot every day, at least 20 minutes a day. You need to develpe "muscle memory". As you get better move up to better quality bows and arrows, or make your own.
Long knife short sword  fighting is an art in itself, enroll in an appropriate martial arts school.
Apply all standard weapons cautions and procedures.
Check this you tube video:

Thanks for the answer.
I dont think i need to go to those extremes though. I just wanted to know how to make the costume by sewing it or something that doesnt have to be authentic. I am planing on taking up archery but I dont think I'll be using actual knives as weapons, or an actual bow when wearing the costume at parties, etc. Im thinking of making the knives out of wood but im not sure about the shape. Would you be able to upload a picture or sketch of what the knives would look like or how big they are?
Thanks again for answering.

Something like this? I know the saxe looks like a bowie, but this is how it's shown on the cover of the Australian second edition "The Sorcerer in the North." The cover of "Halt's Peril" shows the double scabbard pretty well. I'm not totally sure about this, but I think you could cut up some camo clothes and sew them together into a cloak. Remember Halt's advice on stealth movement - these tips have helped me a lot. Good luck!

P.S. Love the "Salt Peter" scene in "The Ruins of Gorlan."

ranger's apprentice.JPGThe_Sorcerer_in_the_North.jpgHalt's_Peril.jpg

I'll take a crack at it I've read up to the siege of macindaw and so far it seems the rangers have developed what's call instinctual archery which is that they have the muscle memory and the capability to adapt to new bows and different arrows I've been shooting since I was seven (7 years) and I myself am starting to develop this same ability but I just don't have the time or space to practice regularly so every summer get some hay bales at my grandparents house and practice then also I'm up to a 60# recurve which isn't the same as his 85# longbow but I hope to get there some day and my current bow the first time I shot it I had a six inch bullseye group with a dozen arrows also rangers are nimble, agile, swift and have a quick reaction time I only have like a 5 centimeter reaction time where rangers are 1 or 2 and the blades my dad actually happens to have a friend who does custom blades and scabbards so I'll get my double sheath and depending on your age and size you want a bow that fits you not a 5 year old so like 5'9"- 6'3" at about 13 to 50 starting archers I'd say like 35- 45# and make sure it's a decent bow and fair arrows fit to you and your bow bows and arrows are like suits they must be custom tailored to your body everyone is different and practice doesn't make perfect! It's perfect practice that makes perfect so keep on keepin' on