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Has anyone repaired a digital oven/stove display module (Electrolux Part 318010100) that is now very barely visible? Answered

Has anyone repaired a digital oven/stove display module (Electrolux Part 318010100) that is now very dim and barely visible? It seems to be a common problem on ovens and ranges with the digital displays…. they progressively seem to become dimmer with age…


I suspect that the heat is making a resistor or capacitor fail sooner than normal. I had the same thing happen on my range and just replaced the range instead of the module. It was and old range that needed replacing anyway. It might be worth fiddling around with the module if you are at all handy with electronics. But be very careful if it's an electric unit there's 220 lurking in there and even if not still 110. (USA) Anything that looks like it might have gotten to hot or in a location that puts it next to the heat is suspect. Then again it might be a transistor and that's going to be harder to get an answer on. Before you start you should be ready to give up and pay the price since you might mess the board up so much that it won't work at all. Good luck.

Greetings Re-Design.. I have replaced all the electrolytic caps (4), as suggested on one of the appliance forums, with no effect. The caps were quite discoloured due to the heat from the stove. I also suspect that one of the components (transistor) which actually drives the display is at fault but troubleshooting without a schematic is a challenge. This module was manufactured by Robert Shaw.. Cheers....

"but troubleshooting without a schematic is a challenge." Ain't that the truth.

I don't know the appliance, but I wonder if its one of these old VFD style things. They DO wear out, and there's nothing (afaik) that you can do about it. Steve

Hi Steve, The actual readout is a custom VFD... once I figure out the pinouts, I will test it to determine if it still works or not... Cheers...

There should be a very hot line, running at 60 V I think. If that's gone, no light. Steve

A ELX-318010100 ELECTROLUX 318010100 CONTROLELECTRICAL $196.79 It'll be a drop in replacement, but not a cheap option. Steve

Thank-you for your response.... in my neck of the woods (Canada) the cost of the module is around $300.00 (US) so as you might imagine I would prefer to repair the unit if at all possible....

Good luck. Maybe haunting the local dump site and picking up an old oven is the answer ?