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Has anyone seen a AA to AAA Battery adapter??? If you have Help me make one Answered

Hy alI
I have My mp3 players.. from Iriver the T models.. (Acutally I have the T30 and the T60) anyhow.. 
I've been wondering Had anyone truyed making a AA to AAA adapter..
cuz.. when I'm recording.. the poor AAA's with the tiny 800mAh (NiMh) don't last for one hour and the 1000mAh one's maybe one and a half an hour(and that if I'm lucky) ???? 
I even boutht the 1100mAh ones but the same storry...

I was thinking those AA seem to have the capacities around 2.5Ah = 2500mAh so that seems to me a little more then the small ones??? Or Am I seeing wrong??? for the same price 



Yesterday i finally made a prototype!!!!! and wow!

I bought some DURACELL'S .. two AA's .. Ni-Mh it sais 2650 mAh but... We'll seee...

I charged them through the nignt.. and today I'm testing it.... Tilll now i discharged one and it lasted  somethin like 4:30 .. concidering that wiht the AAA's 1100 mAh i got somethin like one hour ... That's nice!!! and concidering that the AA's aren't even fully charged... cuz it takes a fiew cicles to full them up totally... So... We'll see!

Today i made the second "dummy" and it looks a little bit better, then the one from yesterday and the prototype has a long wire.... cuz i don't have the hot glue gun.. and i don't want to mess with the epoxy  but I think I'll Make a fiew more.. just to have them.. Ready...
Cuz i need like 8h max per day recording ,, i think this will be enuf!! And I have the small ones for any case!

Do you whant me to make an Instructable?

Sadly i didn't made any pics.. for an instructable (I need to borrow a cam)

Buy  now i made the half of the job... i just need to make the dummy's.. and perhaps glue the thing toghether... I bought 3 two AA holders.. and one is for spare...  I bought the really cheep one.. but they are crapy... I'll post something when I'll be done, at last i hope so..



8 years ago

Since AAs are physically larger than AAAs, I don't think it's possible.  At least, it's not possible to fit them in the same space.  However, you probably could build an external battery pack for it, made of a dummy "AAA" with wires leading out to an external higher capacity pack.

The dummy AAA would consist of a piece of plastic or wood with the same dimensions as a AAA, with terminals on each end.  When inserted in the player, the dummy AAA's terminals would contact those of the player.

Would that work for you?

And should i make a instrictable about this???  what do you think???

Since my T's are as they are.. i can make one piece the holder and the battery would stick out..  Quite ugly..  That was my thougt... because i tink wires are nasty... cuz you nad brake them... and so on...  and i would use some wires. ofcors . but they wouldn't be sticking out...


it would be ugly.. but for that more power.. i wouldn't care...
I'll make the one without wires.. and what do you think should  I make the one wiht wires???

The funny thing is that the player can wdork quite loong .. only playing.. but while recording.. it suchks out the batteries quickly.. so this setup would be justt for recording

Of course you should make an instructable!

The great thing about the pack I described is that you can put everything back the way it was when you're done recording.  Perhaps there might be a small hole in the battery cover for the wire, but that's it.

AA battery holders are cheap, you can get them online or in some electronics stores.  There's no need to cannibalize parts from a working player (if that was your intention).

I made a pack like this out of sculpey - lubed up the battery compartment very lightly, then stuffed the sculpey in there until it just fit the lid closed, removed it carefully and baked - drilled out tunnels for the wires, and led them out of the device.  It took a little fandangling to get it to work around the springs because it doesnt retract or install the way individual AA's would - just took a little extra love.

This was way long ago, but it worked like a charm. 

I'll figure somethin out.. and make a fiew types.. and eventualy make the instructable... With it..  that will be a great project... and a useful one.
I have the green T30.. without the cover.. because it's designed to loose the battery cover...  :-/

And the T60.. has that cover.. but i wouldn't mind running it without it..

I plan to take half of the pack(one battery) and glue to it the dummy. and connect the poles.... so i can insert the pack like a normal battery.. and after the recording. i'll put just a normal battery... and the pack would be hold in place by a elastic ruber circle..(I don't know the word...)
The T60 is 2GBj so i think he will be just for recording. cuz.. the green one is just half a GB and it sound a litle better...  and the green one has buttons where the  rubber would be...  that relly isn't a problem if i lock it.. but i think i won't be using  the pack on the T30... And I'll

Thanx to all for the help

... and I'll make one pack with two batteries... so that i truy even this...
With two parallel AA batteries... Hmmm that would be like 5Ah ... this is gona be interesting...


And if you're going to have to make an external pack, you may as well go to C or D cells for really longer life.  Or maybe just go to a wall wart if you don't need protability.

Does the unit have a jack for external power?