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Has anyone seen the Chaos Tower up close? Answered

I just came across The Chaos Tower in my "surfing" and wondered if anyone had fooled around with this?

The price, even on "sale" is a bit prohibitive to me, for now. But it looks like an interesting way to construct Rube Goldberg structures if one hasn't a lot of "spare" resources for parts.


Only $105, bargain thats only a days wages! shall i get one?

It depends on whether you think a toy, fascinating as it may be, is worth $105 ;-)

ive dropped 200 ytl(1.5 ytl=$1) on lego

I can barely manage to scrape together $30 to get a few supplies for my projects now and then :-)

hmm, well ive just dropped £170 on an ipod touch, which is a toy really, so.

Well, it is good to know that every is not a poor as I am ;-)

Lol yeah, it is really just a toy. A toy I want so badly

wow, one would think you don't have any bills to pay...


9 years ago

Yeah, I have one of those. I think I got it (For myself!) when one of the local "smart" toy stores went out of business (Sigh...), at half price. It's pretty neat, and the price is in-line with many other construction toys (knex, lego, etc.) The "track" is actually rather complex in construction, but not quite as flexible as you might want. IIRC, the tubing is standard size PVC, with special "internal" connecting Ts...

meh, i know you don't need a toy like that goodhart! i bet you could make one yourself...

well, i think it would look more impressive, as opposed to a knex toy...

Cool, but a little too expensive, I have about £40 ($80) right now...

Wow. Thst looks awesome. (It's not K'nex, ~~Keith~~ Bryant.)

It's too bad the kit sells for $119.95 $104.95 (its on sale) *rolls eyes*

Goodhart is a KNEXER now! LOl, seems like it though.

Oh ok, I couldn't tell, since I have never seen knex up close and personal like :-)

Sorry, no, but it looks cool.

Sadly it is way out of MY price range :-)