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Has anyone seen the Pleo Robot yet? I got this link in my email today... Or Project NAO ? Answered

Pleo is a robot toy modeled after a dinosaur believed to have lived during the late Jurassic period. The toy is manufactured by Ugobe Labs, a company based in Emeryville, California that specializes in the design and manufacture of lifelike robots. Pleo is intended for use by adults and children nine years of age or older.
...Pleo is equipped with numerous sensors and servos.
This is from a techtarget report:
Pleo - robot


i saw the pleo thing in the brookstone shop for bots catalogue. although this is an old forum, and i saw it like a week ago.

Yeah, when I started this, it was just being reported on at TechRepublic

On a similar subject: Project Nao

Project Nao, also called the Nao Project, is an ongoing venture dedicated to the development and mass production of an intelligent humanoid robot for the consumer market. The project is a joint effort between Aldebaran Robotics of Paris, France and designers Thomas Knoll and Erik Arlen. Nao, which looks like a large doll wearing a space suit, is intended primarily for entertainment. It is expected to become popular among teenagers and young adults.

The physical machine is built in an android form with two legs, two arms and a head. It measures 58 centimeters (approximately 2 feet) in height. The onboard microcomputer, also known as a robot controller, is based on the Linux operating platform and uses a programming language called Urbi. A GUI (graphical user interface) is available for use by beginners.

Project Nao was launched in 2005 and has undergone several revisions since then. The robot, scheduled for public release in 2008, includes features such as:

speech recognition
speech synthesis
a built-in digital camera
hand-like end effectors
Wi-Fi connectivity
flexible motion with 25 degrees of freedom.

Aldebaran: Project Nao

Oh well, I thought it was kind of cool.

I hope my link is not to a "members only" connection. That would be embarrassing.

. Worked OK for me. . Glad to get to see a larger version of your pic. That's great. I'll have to show my sister (she has a Bassett).

I guess it is too new to have been "sperimented with" ;-)