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Has anyone seen the tv show: Bar Karma ? Answered

I am just curiuos....I got to see the first episode (on demand viewing, not when or where ever it aired originally). 

If anyone has, your opinions, please.

IF anyone goes to current.com/barkarma, and views episode one, be forewarned that the first minute or so of the video for the first episode, is NSFW.


I guess no one ELSE has either seen it nor participated in helping to write it either (other then myself) ?

Would anyone like to VOTE for any of the scenes I have written for Bar Karma?

.  I might. But I'm much too lazy to search for the Bar Karma site or your scenes. Link(s)?
.  PS: I haven't seen the show. I don't think it's available here.

. The link works, but I can't find the work you did. :(
. BTW, The beginning of Episode 101 is NSFW.

No, I suppose it isn't, not for a few seconds anyway.

That IS the first episode however,    Oh, BTW, I am 3LAN (or 3lan) on there, rather then GoodHart.  Sorry I forgot to mention that.

It becomes more easily navigated if you actually set up a profile and sign on. I had thought that it gave a direct link to my submission, but I suppose it doesn't now that I try it without signing in.   Sorry about that.   If you were on FaceBook, you could just go to my wall and I have each submission there,

Oh well, a lot of hassle you don't need I suppose;  sorry if I imposed.  I didn't think it would take so much really, but it is a little more complicated than I though originally.

I am also posting new scenes to FB for those that use FB :-)