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Has anyone seen this problem? Ram upgrade makes Windows 7 unbootable Answered

I have a notebook that is only a few years old running Win 7 64 bit pro. It works perfectly (which by itself is a little unusual). I decided to upgrade the RAM from 2 sticks of 2 gig to 2 sticks of 8 gig which would give me 16. I bought the exact same speed, latency, everything. The notebook has no problem with it, BIOS pick it up the way it should. I booted Knoppix off a DVD and ran that and it works perfect, no errors, crashes nothing. So it appears the RAM is good. But when I try to boot windows it crashes. It locks up when it is at the very first screen. It does the same thing in safe mode. I swapped the old ram back in, and it boots with no problem. Other than complaining that it didn't start the last time.  Tried it with just one stick of new ram, crash. Changed slots, crash, changed sticks, crash. Windows will not boot with this RAM in place but the ram runs anything else with no problems. Sooo, anybody out there seen this one? 


Flash your bios. When I added another pair of sticks to my desktop, it had the same problem, no boot into windows. Flashing the BIOS with the latest date solved my issues.

Newer versions of the BIOS usually include better support for a wider variety of RAM. Does the full 16gb show up in Knoppix (assuming it's 64bit)?

Update---- I got the latest bios from the company and flashed both the BIOS and the firmware. It did make changes to the system as Windows went through and found all this hardware again and reinstalled all the drivers. So, it was all booted up and with all the latest patches and everything. Shut it down, swapped out the RAM and poof, no boot, not anything. Swap the RAM back and all is fine. The RAM passes all the memory tests runs everything else, but will not boot windows. Very strange. I have heard of hardware not being compatible with different RAM but never had windows not be compatible with functional RAM.
Next step is to call the Memory manufacturer and see what they have to say. It has a life time warranty, Patriot brand.


5 years ago

I had a similar problem with WinXP several years ago and I tried everything I could think of and chased down every Google search term I could devise without success.
Out of desperation and frustration I eventually decided to flash the BIOS. It worked. I don't know why it did, but it did and I didn't try to nail down the specific reason.

Which version of Win 7? (ie Home Basic, Home Premium, Pro, Enterprise, Ultimate)?

Pro 64 bit with all updates current.

Anything else been changed? or is the rest all factory parts? Make/Model?

It ran the Windows memory test and came up just fine with no problems and then again would not start. So everything is saying the RAM is good.