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Has anyone successfully converted a vintage camera to a working digital camera ? Answered

I've seen the USB webcam--but how about something that could be used outside. I've got several old box and folding cameras. At the least, I'd love to attach one of the old lenses to a point and shoot.....


Some folks have put a flatbed scanner at the film plane of vintage view cameras like Deardorfs. The scanners light source has to be replaced with a dummy load. ~Bob~

I've seen CDD's shoved into pinhole cameras, old film cameras, and even a bellows camera. You have two options. You can buy a CCD and controller that should fit roughly the size of your old film. This is an expensive option, and will still require some hacking and maybe some soldering. You can buy a discount digital camera with a decently-sized CCD. This should be cheaper, but it requires more research and you're going to have to be comfortable with prying it apart. Again, the CCD goes where the film was.