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Has anyone tried air power? Answered

I have been experimenting with compressed air. Currently I am working on a compressed air turbine. So far it so promise. I'm running a 18" x12" casing. It turns about 10,500 rpm and runs through a gear reducer to provide torque that I need to run a generator. I have a small screw compressor to refill the tank.


By using a small screw compressor for constant air volume. There is enough torque off the engine for that use. I will not show any pics until I have a stable working platform.

The reason for using air power is simple. The engine can use run anything you want. The one I have constructed is to test that issue. As with any new idea comes problem. I am working on using air power to run a 4 cylinder gas engine.

I remember reading about a test that ran some buses and some small cars on compressed air engines.  Very clean ONCE you have the air compressed but it takes a lot of energy to compress the air.

You're probably better off using what ever power you were planning to use to compress the air to directly run the generator.  That way you don't loose anything in the conversion.

Unless you have a source of surplus air pressure that is being generated as surplus already.  I don't know of a source of surplus air pressure, do you?

But I haven't told you which end it comes out of yet.

Large industrial and scientific laboratories often have centralized compressed air ("house air") with feed connections at various walls and workbenches. One could imagine hooking up a turbine generator to one of those feeds. Of course, those same labs usually have a large number of, er, electrical outlets in the same places...

That's what I was thinking. Its not "safe" power, like "air power" usually is, and why ist used, because the generator can't be intrinsically safe.


Well, if the builder includes a deadman switch, it's intrinsically safe: the turbine will shut off as soon as the broken blade cuts off his head...

To what end ? Yes, you can have an airpowered generator. What's the point ?

I have seen air-motors used to drive stirrers in pharmaceutical-labs (mind you, they had steam-taps too...)