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Has anyone tried hacking a Cricut Machine to cut thicker materials? Answered

My grandmother gave me her Cricut craft cutter and I would like to use it as a mini CNC machine. I found plenty of software hacking links but not much on hardware. From what I've researched it doesn't cut deeper than 1.5mm. Thanks.



Depends on what kind of cutting mechanism it uses. From the description, I would suspect it's using a drag knife or something of that sort, which limits which materials it will be able to cut.

Operating on that assumption: You might be able to cut deeper by making (accurately) repeated cuts over the same lines...?

It's not the depth of the blade that's the problem (you can get a deeper cutting blade), it's the space underneath the rollers that is tight. You would have to find a way to raise the rollers and keep them working properly in order to cut anything significantly deeper. I tried to cut scratchboard and failed dismally.


If he doesn't post here directly, you might try either a PM or an Orangeboard posting to user j.l.larson, who has done some nice Cricut mods.