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Has anyone tried/been able to get a quadcopter flying using an Arduino paired with an Adafruit motor shield? Answered

The motor shield can be found here. Its probably a dumb question as the L293D drivers can only provide 0.6A max current per motor and most of the brushless DC motors I've seen used seem to require more current.  Perhaps I'm mistaken.  Also, I've read that one can piggyback the L293Ds to get more current.  Would this be a possible solution if a single chip can't provide enough current for the job? Perhaps using conventional ESCs that can provide higher current are the only way to go?  I'm very new to tinkering with Arduinos/motors/electronics in general so any suggestions would be appreciated!  Thanks in advance!



5 years ago

What if you use these motors, and bought a gearbox to increase the speed/torque of the quadcopter?

can you have used ATMEL 8051 microcontrooler for this quadcopter ?
can i use it ? and anyone can help me to give a design of proper paper fro quadcopter.

Use proper ESCs, and PWM from the arduino. There's no need to use a motor shield.

I figured that is probably the best way. I already had the motor shield though, so I figured I'd check my options before I went out and bought parts I might not absolutely need. Thanks for the reply.

Its probably a lot lighter without the shield too.

I haven't had any hands on time with a standard ESC, but the motor shield really isn't very heavy. I can't imagine there is a whole lot of weight difference between the motor shield and 4 ESCs. I could be wrong there.

I should probably clarify that my original question pertains more to using the motor shield INSTEAD of 4 ESCs as the motor shield is capable of driving 4 DC motors by itself.

I dont' think the shield can drive BLDC motors.