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Has anyone uploaded or found any Manga or Anime Instructables? Answered

I have been searching instructables but i cant find any that relate to manga or anime other then "how to draw" instructables. I am looking for costume and weapon ideas as well as general conversations/forums involving anime/manga such as Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pokemon and Dragon Ball. I know there are a couple on Naruto, but I have not yet seen the anime or read the manga so i dont really care about that. Please post a link or just an idea for costumes, props or weapon instructables.
Thanks and I hope that if you havnt read manga or watched anime before, you should get into it.


Thanks. I've decided to make my own instructables to fill the void, starting with a "master chief" inspired working gadget helmet. I will also make more on how to make and shape wooden knives and other weapons inspired by anime and manga. If I end up making or modifying costumes then I will upload them as well, so keep an eye out!

"I have been seaching instructable"? How have you been doing that? Did you type anime costume into the big white SEARCH BOX in the upper corner of every instructables page? If you didn't, why not?

I did search in the white box and all it came up with was "how to draw" instructables.

Yea, sorry, i just did it again, this time refining my search to "anime costume" rather than just anime. I found some cool death note stuff and a few cosplay things but there isnt much on props other than two "how to make a death note". I would really like to see some other props/clothing from anime series such as ichigos sword from "bleach" or Edward elrics coat from "fullmetal alchemist". What would be really great would be a pocket watch from "fullmetal alchemest" because I was thinking of buying one from ebay.
Thanks for responding

Did you try any of those searches yourself? If there isn't anything, then make one yourself! You've been a member here long enough that you know what good Instructables look like. It would be awesome for you to make your own!

You might want to try "sword" or "coat" or "steampunk" or other keywords that might describe the specific prop you're looking for. There may not be a specifically anime-related listing, but there will probably be things you can adapt.