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Has anyone used or heard of listia? Answered

I found this neat online auction place called listia. You can find it by doing a google search on "listia".

I just wondered if anyone had ever used this. I want to make sure it is legit before I use it.



actually its an awesome site i love it and its really addictive all u do is list auctions to give away stuff u can do free shipping or ask them to pay for shipping and they bid with their credits so yea u get the credits they use to buy ur auction listing with. u start out with 500 credits and u go from there lol its pretty kool uv won a bunch of stuff but u gotta keep an eye out for the auction u wanna win bc there are ppl to bid at the very last second lol but yea they have all kinds of stuff on there from new to used even gift cards which i dont think u can bid on gift cards till u get ur seller wings but those aint hard to get but if u need any more info or anything just let me kno u can email me @ simpsongirl@rocketmail.com

If it is a legit site then you should be able to go to the ABC, Techcrunch or other web sites it lists on that front page and read about them there. If you find favorable articles on it then give it a try. Just remember if something is too good to be true then it probably is. Looks like the site is more of a bartering site then an auction site. You are making trades for things so you not getting something for nothing.