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Has anyone used/made a Schrader-valve (tire stem) adapter for a Coleman mattress pump? Answered

I'm getting too old (or out of shape) to use a manual tire pump on mine and my wife's bicycles. We own a Coleman air mattress with their wall-plug inflation pump. The latter comes with their custom "air lock" adapter for the mattress, and a "pinch valve" adapter.

Before I go out and buy a compressor/electric pump for the bikes, I wanted to try using this one that I already own. Has aynone ever used this pump with a valve-stem adapter (Schrader valve) to inflate tires? If so, where did you get the adapter? Or did you make one?


The air matress pump may not get up to the higher pressure needed in a bike tire. That may be more of a high volume low pressure pump.

Good call! I just spoke with Coleman customer service. My pump is a high-volume/low-pressure pump.

They do sell (and have on clearance for $30) one with both a high-pressure line and a set of both Schrader and Presta adapters, and a low-pressure/high-volume hose for balls, mattresses, etc.

Just go out and buy a real 6-gallon compressor. You can then have it inflate mattresses, toys, balls, bike tires, car tires, nail guns, air grinders, and a host of other tools. But it will do you no good on the road. Always carry a water, patch kit, small tools, and a manual pump attached to the bike frame.

... and a blanket, poncho, three days' supply of water, flare gun ...

crossbow, bazooka, and a spare Road Ranger for a fast getaway ;-)

... kitchen sink, slide rule, chewing gum, duct tape...