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Has not posted any comments yet... Answered

I've recently noticed that, when I go on someone's profile page, the comments box says that that member hasn't posted any comments yet. Is this just happening to me, or is it the same for everyone?



8 years ago

This is a bug.  We will get right on it.

 that happened to me alot for awhile thnx for fixing it!

I have a question, well two in fact.
1. Are the comments we have made after the bug happend going to show up??
2. Are you (the instructable staff) going to do the top 50 commenters this year??

Ok, Sorry to be a pest but I just want to make sure. Our comment trackers are going to be back to normal?? I just wan't to make sure since commenting is almost my life on Instructables.   Thanks for helping. :-)


8 years ago

This will be fixed in the next release.

This sites falling apart. Is it me, or did this all start happening after the new text box thingy?

Okay, now the comments box is fixed, but everyone's comment count has been decreased.

8,000 something comments don't just go down the drain in one night lol.

Yeah, I hope it isn't permanent. I only have 150 comments now. :-P

This seems rather sudden.  I started noticing this about 2 days ago.  This must be part of what they do to record the annual top 50 commenters.

Yup it has happened to me too. Also it has removed number of comments made, for me as well.

Oh, good. I thought it was just me. I left several comments for Crosius that just went poof without warning.

my received comment counter is stuffed too, last night I had 1681, this morning 1684 with the exact same comments...