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Has the Instructables staff met the Mythbusters? Answered

This is a question for all the staff of Instructables, or anyone who knows the answer. Since the Instructables HQ is at the former Alameda Air Force Base, and the Mythbusters often do tests there, Has the Instructables staff met the Mythbusters? Statistics show that such a meeting would be awesome. I think Buster and the Ibles robot would get along really well...


Statistics show that such a meeting would be awesome.

Good ole' statistics. ;)

Just think what the Instructables staff and the Myhtbusters could do together, with their loads of money to use for myths and big workshop, and the unlimited DIY knowledge of the Instructables staff! the possibilities are endless! ;-)

Stop it, my brain will implode... Perhaps we should send the Myth busters an email or two with an invite to check some of our projects out.... Perhaps a challenge eg... we think this will work, see if you can provide experiments to detail it can't work, then we will prove you wrong.

Hmm, sounds interesting, but I looked on the Mythbusters website and there was no email in sight except for one to mail myths to.

Then try sending a good old fashioned letter. You'd have to look up a certain address......or perhaps send it to the network, wait 3 years, they receive it, mail it back to you in 3 more years, only to discover that it has been canceled for five years now.

True, we sent a letter to them last year and haven't gotten a reply or aknowledgement.

We will send it to the myths as they recieve mail also at that address. Well that is what I would conclude as they often feature feedback on the show about disproved myths that viewers disagree with. They must send those to the myths also, they seem to recieve them.

That sounds like a good idea, sorry I didn't answer sooner, was at summer camp. (Yes, I'm that young.)

I believe a couple of the interns went and took a few pictures of them recording a show. Search the forum topics.