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Has the member population decreased? Answered

Usually, my view counts are in the 100's in just a day... I lost my camera awhile ago, and totally stopped posting for about 3 months. After I bought a new camera and started posting again, my view counts are at only 11 after 2 days!

Has anyone else noticed this? is it possible my 'ibles aren't making it to the "Explore" section? I never see them there...are they hidden from the author?


Maybe not too many people are checking the recent entries in the categories where you submit your Instructables typically?  I normally don't get many views at all unless it gets featured, and even then it doesn't always get many views just depending on what it is.  Plus it's the holiday season still, and people might not be bored at work/school just yet.

Maybe everyone's still playing with their Christmas presents, instead of having the time and junk to make new stuff...

Their just wearing their new stuff down so they can take it apart later. I hope.


8 years ago

Oh, yes, that kills our will for making Instrucables.

**plus when something is new it gets lots of hits...after a few months only people specifically looking for it are likely to find it.  How often do you look in explore, page 300?