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Has the "store" (t-shirts or other items) gone away? Answered

Am I missing something, or have I lost a portion of my mind and we never had one? 

I thought, at one time, we had a place to go to make our own shirts, but I have since lost the link, and can't find it here either.



So, we only got involved with t-shirts at that time, and nothing else ? I must be confusing my memory of the Maker Store with here then. Thanks.

Yep. As I recall, the original Instructables Store was only for contest winners to claim their prizes. Later the Spreadshirt store was set up so that anyone could get a shirt without the Ibles staff having to mess with it, and coupon codes were given as contest prizes. I haven't entered/won a contest since 2008, though, so I'm guessing things have changed.

I see, I was just a newbie and basically green back then, and wasn't aware of what the store was for. Thanks again.

It depends.....my mind is aging like wine, my body like milk.....and my teeth attract lightning....LOL

I'm expecting your next Instructable to be a lightning catcher. Hehehehehe...

Nah, I try to protect my dentures more-so then expose them to the elements.   Maybe I need a way to "ground" my mouth,  or attach a spike / lightning arrestor.   LOL

I am hoping to start working of a string of projects involving "radio reception" and maybe end it with radio signal propagation. So far, my searches have turned up nothing like what I am planning. If you know of any "crystal type" radio projects that use household items, let me know, so I don't duplicate the efforts.

So far, I haven't seen any similar ible here

Thanks.....I missed a chance this past weekend to start them.....I need a spool of magnet wire....most of the stuff I have used over the years, I got at garage sales....but I don't see stuff like that anymore.... *sigh* and it is so expensive otherwise.