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Hassle Free Airline Travel with DIY Electronics Answered

Steve Hoefer, or Grathio on Instructables, recently published a very interesting article on his website regarding the perils of airport security faced by educators, hackers and entrepreneurs travelling with prototype or DIY electronics and the interest shown by airport security in light of concern over safety of late.

Steve writes about how to the untrained eye, your mess of breadboards, PCBs and wires can look highly intimidating, regardless of how harmless YOU know it is. He goes on to give advice on how best to travel with your custom electronics and how to avoid winding up or upsetting airport security by being clear, honest and helpful.

If like me you've ever had this concern while flying, it's well worth heading over to his website to have a look, it's an interesting and educational read!



could not resist adding this link:
"10 diy projects that will get you arrested by airport security"

Do you have any links for Hassle Free Airline Travel with DIY Explosives?

Haha, just kidding. Thanks for the useful link though :P

When possible, I would advise sending things (versus carrying them with you) just to avoid the hassle; and be polite as possible, regardless of what you bring through security.

On one vaycay, I accidentally put my expensive Tweezerman tweezers in my carryon when we were hastily packing to go home. Of course I didn't think of it until I got to security and saw a large bin full of tweezers and nail clippers (which of course are all weapons of mass destruction). So, instead of arguing (like the woman in front of me did), I just admitted my mistake and stayed polite about it. Thankfully, I was allowed to keep my "weapon of mass destruction" as long as I "promised to leave it in the bag and not take it out on the plane".

I can't say that everyone will be as lucky, because the security personnel are all different (despite the rules), and there is a difference from country to country, but showing some respect and being polite can go a long way. :)

As the article says, posting materials, especially internationally, can result in delays of days or weeks before you get your kit back.