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Hate is fear, and fear is rot. That cankers root and fruit alike-Robert Graves Answered

An interesting thing happened this morning, I normally get up a couple of hours before my wife, it gives me time to study and think. Well, this morning, about 7:30, I'm comfortable in a chair and a half by the front window, drinking my coffee and studying fluid mechanics for a test Monday when a car stops out front. I don't think much of it, then I hear the car door and I'm thinking "Great, they want to sell me something". But no, much to my incredulity, I hear spew forth a vitriolic stream of profanity and epithets directed at the campaign sign in my front yard. Now I'm not given to either panic or rage, and the door is still locked, so my response is more one of bemusement than anything. But later it occurred to me, regardless of any outcome come November, America is a deeply wounded and divided nation. How very sad.


It's strange what people are doing with some of the signs. I saw a defaced one that read

Obama (B replaced with S)
Laden (crudely written)

A nice gentleman just came to my door, returning my sign found in the middle of the street. Pathetic, now I'm going to spend friday printing signs and have them ALL over my yard.


9 years ago

Wow. Its a shame.. And I dare say I can guess which candidate's sign you have on your yard.

I'm wanting to make a signs that says "Elect Palin, Tolerate McCain" :-)

if mccain gets elected and dies, then America is stuck with Palin, well, IMO your all doomed.

I think even Palin would be better than Obama, though.

hahaha thats the funniest thing i've heard this month. Kid theres a reason that Palin is boo'd at hockey games. Obama is what the country needs, he is about 5 points off of jesus, but scores 8 points for being real XD!

oh, and he isnt friends with a terrorist at all. He was simply on the same committee as him, along with many other important people. It doesnt mean any of them are terrorist. Did you know that Sarah Palin doesnt believe in DINOSAURS! she thinks that they are fake

my friend just semi-confirmed it cause he heard it on a interview of her, but now we can't find the video =S

theres too many sarah palin videos lol

well she probally said that because she does not have a good explanation about dinosaurs that involves christianity (but i do...)

for the terrorist one, thats from the debate. the palin one i've just heard about a billion times. Even Matt damon said it on a youtube broadcast of him. wheres your sources?

one mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter. Anyways, that doesnt mean that Obama is bad at all. If you were friends with someone who later in his life killed someone does that mean that your a bad person? no it doesnt.

I'm truly upset with the failures of the current republican party, but... Let's see, Obama's been a "community organizer", an ineffective freshman senator, and an admitted drug dealer (I won't even get into the wild speculations.)

I wouldn't let Obama organize a family picnic! Am I waving the flag for McCain? Not really. Any of my choices don't have a snowball's chance. Once again, back to the lesser of the evils!

Hey, that could be my slogan, "Vote Skunkbait!-lesser of the evils!"

Or maybe: Elect Skunkbait, (He's too broken down and tired to have an "intern scandal".)

unless the intern was a rib eye steak, then he'd go to town on that bad boy seems too long

Well you got me there. Elect Skunkbait, "That boy likes to eat!"

We've been in decline for years. I love what America STOOD for, but I'm hardly an optimist about the future.

*Idea for a Spreadshirt* :D I can use phrase?

Go ahead! Just give me a couple of freebies if you go comercial!

Oh, and you think you mean I can haz fraze?

I'm basically independant, but lean towards Constitutionalist/Libertarian. I like a small federal government, lower taxes, less government programs, and a conservative view of the constitution and the bill of rights. Ultimately I end up voting for the lesser of the evils.


9 years ago

"Can someone please pour some bleach into the gene pool? I see a few floaters.." Probably the best comment I've ever seen on eBaums World... The cess-pool that it is.

They stopped just to swear at a sign that couldn't possibly respond???

I think the word we need here is issues.

Yelling at inanimate (is that the right word?) objects?

. My guess is that their* cognitive skills were about equal.
. Give us Americans a break! Out of 300+ million people, there's bound to be a few nuts. Unfortunately, we tend to elect them to high office. ;)
  • Includes the sign, not TUA heehee

The joy of democracy.

Who was it said those who seek high office should be prohibited from holding it ?

>The joy of democracy You should try it sometime. We'll teach you to overthrow your royal oppressors.

. Dunno. I've heard it (or something similar) before. Sounds a lot like Clemens/Twain to me. Wouldn't be surprised is it goes back to Ancient Greece. . Or was that a rhetorical question? Hard to tell with you Brits. heehee

... yeh, no matter your political leanings, that's no way to behave, never mind persuade...

Now that is just silly...

Then again I'm reasonably jaded to that kind of thing, 'cept noone here puts signs in their garden for a reason...

You should record a message with a voice recognizer attached, let the sign slur them right back...

Does say something about the supporters of the other party though...