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Hate new Popup Video Ads Answered

I was just startled by the popping up of some football video ad. Pretty misplaced if you ask me. But just jarring and unappreciated. I know that Instructables has to support itself somehow. Just wish there were a less jarring and invasive way to do that. 


Kelseymh, I'm wondering if that's for Windows machines, Macs, or both?

I've never seen them. Be like me:

1. Get Firefox
2. Install AdBlock Plus.
3. See no ads.

or you cuold susbscribe...I don't normally see those ads (unless I sit on the home page before I have logged in....).

I already subscrobed. But I'm not a preeeeeeemium member yet. Maybe I hadn't signed in yet, because I was using my newly upgraded version of Safari.

Having trouble doing that with my Macintosh running OS X 10.5.8 and Firefox 3.0.6. AdBlock Plus seems to require Firefox 3.0.12
Ah well. Thanks for the tip on AdBlock Plus.

The current version of Firefox (which includes a number of patches for known exploits) is 3.6.10.