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Have I Upset Instructables? Answered

Hi everybody,

I just want to know what I have to do to get featured. Now before someone points me to the thread that shows the format, I am aware of that post and it is helpful too.

However I feel I meet the requirements to be featured, but I'm just not getting the breaks. I've studied who and what gets featured and can see no set goal post. I've seen some of my articles viewed and favourited more than others but then get overlooked. So the instructable community liking my work isn't a problem.

I don't expect all of my instructables to be featured but I have noticed some people enjoy a high feature rate - I'm not sure what they do that I don't. Have I done something to upset the instructable team? Is there something I could do ensure a better chance of being featured? (As long as it's not sexual or involves money. lol)

I only ask this as I want the maximum number of people to see my work as possible. Which is helped greatly by being featured.

Any advice or recommendations are appreciated,
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Some main things I always look for is a descriptive title, a eye catching and well done main image and then just good directions.  Also, if you edit Instructables later, you won't necessarily get featured since projects tend to get buried when a lot get published at once.  You really want to get noticed right away!

Thanks for the tips Penolopy. I'll try to make my lead image more eye catching in future as you suggest.

Two of the key things to getting featured are coolness and originality.

Speaking personally, if your projects begin by pointing out that it was published somewhere else first, then its originality is somewhat devalued.

Again, my own personal opinion, but having your commercial website watermarked into every image also feels a bit spammy.

Hi Kiteman,

Thanks for getting back to me. I was wondering if there was some negative feeling towards me. So let met try clear some of those feelings up.

The point you made on originality. Well firstly the content is still original, it's my work that I duplicate here. And in all reality it is never longer than seven days (usually less) before I make it available to instructables. Let me tell you my site isn't attempting to eclipse instructables, but instead is used to iron out the article before I make it available to the instructable community.

As for my site it is no more commercial than instructables. I don't sell anything, just run ads - just like instructables. And there are tons of people who write for this site and point towards their commercial blog or site. Even their Etsy store and they still get featured.

The watermark itself is barely visible and I know a user who enjoys a high feature rate who's watermark is much more in-your-face.

All I want is to be treated equally, but I have taken your comments on board. To show I only have good intentions, I'll go back through my work and remove the line pointing to the original article and I want use it in future.

I hope this remedies the situation.

I want to repeat - what I said was my personal opinion, not site rules or policy.

There's no need to feel bad about your current rate of featuring, it's well above the average, on a par with some staff, and higher than some of the people who do the actual featuring.

Well I at least wanted to address some of the points you raised. So I have already amended all of my posts as I mentioned. Just in case anyone felt the same way as you did.

But thanks for your feedback.