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Have a 12v 15mA motor (4rpm), 12v 5AH lead-acid battery, and 4.5v/50mA solar panel. Building chicken door. Answered

I've already built a chicken door with a $100 drapery motor, but this seems overpriced to me, when there are so many available salvage 12 v motors from old car doors. The drapery motor is simple to use because rather than limit switches it simply uses an adjustable mechanical plastic slotted disc to manually toggle a double pole switch to operate the motor. With a timer on the line set to on/off twice a day, it's an easy build.

But I want to make a standalone unit, (solar powered) using a 12v system. I have the battery, with what I think is sufficient juice, and the motor from an old Chrysler window opener. I'm hoping to keep the battery "topped off" with the solar panel. Since the unit will only get used twice a day I would think reserver power should be manageable. I'll need a 12 volt timer of some sort, unless I use an inverter of some kind... don't know... this is where I get messed up... I can wire things, but I can't do the circuitry because I'm illiterate when it comes to amps, volts, rectifying, capacitating, etc?


I'd suggest that you browse the site for related info. This isn't the first time I've heard request for info on wiring a chicken coop, and just from a quick glance to the right I see several instructables that deal with it.

I have really pored through the site for other auto-door ideas. That's how I managed to build my first one. My problem is not in successfully building a door, it's in understanding the electronics and the hook-ups necessary to make what I have on hand work.

15mA sounds AWFUL low for anything car related.
Any chance of a measurement ?

> motor from an old Chrysler window opener
. Yep. 15A would be a lot closer.. But it may not pull near that much under a light load (assuming that the chicken door weighs less than the car window).

the motor operated a power vent.... supposedly stalls at 200mA... my chicken door would be made from an old plastic window pane, about 1/16" thick... the door will probably be about 10" by 10".. painted black ... really not very heavy. I'll use high tensile fishing line for the pully system, like I did with my other one.