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Have broken NUVI 1450 GPS. Can I take it apart and use the GPS inside for another project? Answered

I would like to reuse the GPS chip and perhaps other parts from a NUVI 1450 GPS that has a broken screen.  Anyone opened one of these or similar GPS up and can give me an idea of what to look for (chip, antenna, etc.)  Wojld be breat to get pictures, circuit diagram, etc. 



I didnt see the 1450 there but take a look at the iFixit site and you might find something similar to what you have.

iFixit garmin gps

Maybe if you can:

a) find a circuit diagram or data sheet for the chip

b) programme a micro to talk to it.

so first have a look see if the chip has a number on it you can referance to a data sheet on line.

The main chip is hard to miss. The GPS chip and antenna are all one package. It will be surface mounted to the main board and difficult to try and use in another system.